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RORICX, Rate of Return and Retirement Planner Calculator

Documentation pages. RoR vs Planning.

One may wonder why two Calculators come inside the same program.

The answer is very simple: the mathematics underneath both methods is very similar.

Both Calculators require individual transactions and regular contribution programs to be entered.

Both Calculators require start and end date to be entered.

Both Calculators require portfolio start market value to be entered.

Both Calculators require Compounding Method to be entered.

The difference is in the RoR and portfolio end market value.

During RoR calculation we know the End Value and interested in RoR.

During projection calculation we know the estimated RoR and interested in End Value.

One can see that both Calculators have a lot in common and so its only natural to package them inside the same application. Use RoR Calculator to analyze past returns, use projection Calculator to analyze future performance.