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RORICX, Rate of Return and Retirement Planner Calculator

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Rate of Return Calculator is essential tool for any investor or retiree.

Simple, robust down to earth solution that allows any investor to see the historical rate of return of any portfolio or estimate the future performance based on certain rate of return.

It seems that the best kept secret in the industry is a quantative measure, the number that will answer the question - "what is the result of my investment?" They will tell you instantly what was the performance of the market last 10 or 30 years, but is this an answer you are really interested in? Isn't it more useful to know the results of your investment instead of market trends? Try to find this number from your financial institution. Even if they give you a number, wouldn't it be nice to verify it?

Does your financial institution tell you the truth?

Which portfolio is doing better and which trails behind?

Are you sure that the rate that is given to you by a third party is calculated properly?

Perhaps you wanted to verify it but never knew how, and are a little bit afraid of the math behind it?

What is the performance of all your portfolios - retirement account, investment account, joint account with your spouse, savings account, foreign currency accounts, rental property, even your own primary house, etc?

What was the RoR for your portfolio during the first quarter, the second quarter, last year, last calendar year, five years ago?

If you are planning your retirement and have some savings and know your spending and income do you want to know your future portfolio values?

Do you want to run various scenarios with different regular programs or/and estimated future RoR and analyze the difference in the projected portfolio end value?

Now you can answer all those questions in seconds.