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RORICX, Rate of Return and Retirement Planner Calculator

Investing not knowing your rate of return is like driving in the speed zone not looking on speedometer... (ancient proverb)




Roricx can be used to analyse your financial Past and Future and to Verify 3rd Party's numbers.



Analyze historical Rate of Return of your investments, i.e. obtain the RoR for your past investments.



Use it as a financial planning tool, e.g. as a retirement planner, i.e. estimate the future value of your portfolio.



Use it as a validation tool to verify 3rd party's numbers, i.e. recalculate the RoR and trace the calulation steps.




Simple to use:


To analyze the PAST: Enter the dates and amounts of your investments and start and end market values. Roricx returns historical RoR.


To analyze the FUTURE: Enter the starting value of your portfolio and monthly income and withdrawals plus an estimated value of future RoR. Roricx returns future portfolio value.


To verify 3rd party: Enter the transactions and press Calculate. Roricx returns the RoR. Press Verify and it returns a spreadsheet with every step of calculation.




Six tasks you can do with Roricx:


RoR Calculation

Calculate actual Rate of Return (RoR) and Net Gain of any investment (portfolio of stocks, single stock, business, rental real estate, etc.) over any time interval (5 years, 3 month, 35 days, from Feb 15 2001 till Mar 17 2003, etc.). Any portfolio (even the one that is in the red), any interval, positive or negative RoR.



Use it as financial planning tool, i.e. assuming certain future rate of return and your future withdrawals, credits, taxes calculate future projections of your portfolio value. For example use it to analyze your retirement plans.



Validate all the Calculations: don't take our word for granted, click a button and get a spreadsheet with all the steps of Calculations, line by line, so you can trace, verify and audit the process and the final numbers (RoR, Net Gain, Future Portfolio Values). Export this calculation into spreadsheet for further analysis.



Export/Import all the data (Portfolios, Transactions, Programs, Calculations, Validations/Verifications) to and from CSV file (to be used with your favourite spreadsheet program, e.g. Excel).



Manage your portfolio transactions (credits and debits to your investment).



Manage Regular Contribution programs (regular monthly credits and debits to your investment).




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